Double exposure. Nita and her mother.

By | August 8, 2016


This is a double exposed negative of Nita and her mother taken outside their house in London, Circa 1940. Although this portrait is technically a ‘mistake’ it helps creates part of the narrative that describes their symbiotic relationship. There is Nita on her own, and there is Nita joined to her mother. And, the mother appears here only with Nita, never on her own. Although Nita is central to the image and there are two of her, the mothers presence somehow dominates as if it cannot be removed or prized away from Nita or Nita’s image. The bodies of both women are inside the shape of Nita’s outline, seemingly creating a new form from the three bodies, like a perverse mother figure. The plaid suit echoes the lead plate window and brick work, creating yet more patterns, links and confines.