By | November 10, 2016

10 x 8 Nitrate negative, Hollywood studio portrait of Nita, circa 1933.

nita-painted-1I zeroxed the negative and painted the collar red. I like this as a sketch but prefer the Nitrate negative turned blue (below). Although may try further painting onto zeroxed images. Something nice about the degrading process.

I turned the Nitrate negative blue below, which I think works because the negative quality comes through the image in the vibrant violet colour (more so than Cyan). This colour also reminds me of the blue you sometimes see reflected on the surface of the black & white negative just after it has been processed.

You can see every strand of hair and fabric, the texture of Nita’s skin, lips and eyes. The negative becomes tactile and object like.

I would print it as a digital negative, large (42 inches wide) and sandwich it between two pieces of glass.