Test cut-outs, Xeroxed photographs mounted & carved on plywood.

By | November 3, 2016

These are just test models that I xeroxed onto paper (which is why they have discolored- which I quite like) and mounted on 4 mm plywood. I cut the figures out on a ban-saw. I was concentrating so hard for the time it took to cut out three figures that I had to go to sleep afterwards. I guess I didn’t want to cut my fingers off and I wanted to be exact- for a first time I got good results on the outline here.

cut-out_nita002-editedcut-out_nita010-editedNow I will either mount these as fibre based prints on wood (not Plywood because it rips) or use only the paper (fibre based for stability & quality- to make a ‘Shadow Box theatre’. I’ve put the template for the Shadow box below- its a great model theatre I brought from Pollocks in Covent Garden (my Mum used to take me there and I absolutely love it still- its the oldest toy shop in London).



Domestic pose/ Industry pose


I will create my own Shadowbox using images from the archive, listed below (see image 1). I also have the theatre curtain, set and stage from other photographs in the archive. I will then rephotograph it in the studio and use it as an installation piece. The Shadowbox is approximately 10 x 8 inches, small enough for the audience to have to bend down and peer into it- which I want them to have to do.



Fig 1.

(Paint/ hand tint photographs too with watercolour on Pearl fibre based paper).